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Chef Luigi Diotaiuti’s latest initiative, #ChefLuigiCares, is inspired by two Italian traditions that can greatly benefit our nation’s capital at this time. Both the famous Neapolitan ritual of a “caffè sospeso” (coffee paid for in advance for those who can’t afford to buy their own) as well as the importance of being a good host in the Italian culture, motivated Chef Luigi to create a new way to give back to the community he is proud to call home.


The Italian term oste comes from the Latin hospitem which is where the word “hospitality” comes from. For Chef Luigi, who grew up in Basilicata, Italy, being a host is the utmost privilege, and a role that he has greatly enjoyed for the last three decades as a DC restaurateur. For this reason, he has committed to offering 35 meals each Friday to the Catholic Charities' Mckenna House in DC. Thanks to the generous donations of  suppliers, patrons, and caring community members, he has also been able to feed our local heroes – front liners such as police officers, firefighters, and health care providers.


Your generous donations will enable Chef Luigi to continue offering the same nutritious, gourmet meals that Al Tiramisu is known for to those who deserve and need it most.  His goal is to be able to continue offering this service on a regular basis as well as to feed more people through additional charities as well. 


Call 202-467-4466 or email for more information and let Chef Luigi know if you have a specific DC charity that you would like to feed.

Donate via our home page at

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